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 This is not a food blog, at least not in the strict meaning of the word. Yes, I will write about food a lot and I will mostly post recipes, the food I eat and the places I go to eat.

Mostly because food is a very important part of my life. As a kid you could find me often in the kitchen with my parents. I am lucky enough to come from a household where both parents enjoyed cooking and experimenting with different kind of ingredients.

When I look back, I often remember what we ate on different holidays, special occasions,… more than I remember the rest of it. The freshly baked canneloni in the Cevennes, the home made pasta made with my dad, the easter egg hunt in Beijing, … those memories are unforgettable!

So that’s why, no, this is not a food blog, but a blog about me and my life, which just happens to contain a whole lot of cooking and eating.

Because of recent health issues, the food I now nurture myself with, had to become even more important to me. I follow at this point a fairly strict diet, that’s why you will find on this blog a mostly plant based, whole grains and no processed sugar diet.

But no worries, I will prove to you this can be just as tasty as what you’re used to!

Unless otherwise noted, all content and images found on this site are my own. Please feel free to pin my photos or reblog them on Tumblr, as long as you credit/link back to the original post. 

8 Responses to About

  1. Susan Miles says:

    I’ve just come across your blog via Pinterest (your Quinoa Pasta) & am delighted to have found you! As a fish/eggs/dairy eating type vegetarian I am continuously looking for interesting (& simple) recipes for my family (meat loving husband & 2 small girls). We are long-term expats (Australian) living in Shanghai, & as I’ve recently become more & more concerned about food safety issues here, we are heading back to my (pre-family) vegan days very quickly. I’m sure then that I’ll be turning to you for inspiration often!
    Your photos & voice are lovely. Many thanks & please continue with the lovely & delicious work!

    • pinchofme says:

      Wow, thank you so much for your kind words.

      • Nicoletta says:

        For me it’s exactly the same: your quinoa pasta on Pinterest brought me here. I love this blog and I’m eating a lot of healthy(ier) food myself, nowadays, so thank you for the inspiration!


      • pinchofme says:

        Thank you!
        I will check your blog for inspiration as well!
        I love how you combine the 2 languages, I guess I’m a bit too lazy for that…

      • Nicoletta says:

        I share the blog with my friend Valentina and we love to spread “our” food. :) As far as translating is concerned, Google Translate will give you a rough (and often quite good) translation, it’s just a matter of refining it. :) Ciao!

  2. Anna Sherry says:

    I just found your web page, like the others, by searching for a gluten and egg free pasta. My 1 year old niece has allergies to gluten, dairy, egg, nut, chicken, beef and bananas (so far). She has been hospitalised twice through eating foods that we did not know she had such severe allergies to. So each week, I do a search of recipes that I pass on to my sister who has to restrict the same foods due to breast feeding. I will be sending my sister this link and using your recipes too. This is a great find for me!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your recipes :)

  3. Hi there! I also found your blog through the quinoa pasta recipe. Really happy to have found it. I am an expat living here in Holland. I struggle with autoimmune disorders and am trying to learn more about how to heal myself with food and not just seriously rough medications all the time.
    I am married to a Dutchman that did not grow up with an adventurous household when it comes to food, but he has become a star with trying all sorts of things I put out in front of him. I am a long time foodie and sort of just drug him along with me. :)

    I am totally looking forward to reading more of your blog, through your recipes, about your life and travels. Most of the time, I am reading blogs from other countries and scramble to find ingredients, subs for ingredients, etc.

    • pinchofme says:

      Welcome! As I’m from Belgium myself, it should not be that difficult to find the ingredients I’m using.
      Since I’m having some health problems myself at the moment, keeping the blog up to date is not that high on my priority list.
      But I’m hoping to change that soon.

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